Warriors of Lust Podcast

Warriors of Lust - Episode 4 - Kink

January 2, 2022

Welcome back Lusty Legion! On this week's episode, Kali, Cyrena, and Jaraku dive into the sordid world of Kink! We partially lift our spoiler embargo (everything up until the end of your second trip to Thavnair, level 86 and below is now fair game!), so beware if you haven't yet reached that part of the game. 

With our embargo partially lifted, we start thirsting over some of our new Endwalker characters in another edition of the Thirstdown. We discuss Kink and its place in the community, before Laniakhea joins us for The Other Disciples of the Hand. Lastly, we bring back a fan favorite in Wed, Bed, Behead... but this time, we talk about allies!

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